Rubber and rubber-based industry is a booming sector in the global economy and is one of the key engines of growth for the Indian economy. India is the 4th largest producer and 2nd largest consumer of rubber in the world. As we observe, India's rubber manufacturing industry consists of more than 6,000 manufacturing units. These units manufacture more than 35,000 rubber products which are widely used and are indispensable for modern life. The rubber industry clocked a turnover of around Rs. 63,000 crores (USD 1,130 million) in 2011-12 with CAGR over last 3 yrs of more than 10%. The industry employs an estimated half million people currently only on consumption side in tyre and non-trye segment alone. Rubber manufacturing industry has great prospects in provision to local availability of natural rubber. Non-availability of skilled manpower in the sector is a major challenge in the productivity and growth of the industry. Over 90 percent of employment in the rubber sector is in the ‘unorganized or informal’ organizations, with employees working on the shop floor jobs. Provision of appropriate skills may thus be an important intervention to increase the productivity of this workforce.

Rubber Skill Development Council (RSDC) established to ensure the generation of skilled manpower in rubber sector, provide employment to youth across the nation, create career paths in roles existing within the unorganized and organized segments of the rubber industry and ensure active participation of the industry in absorption of skilled manpower generated through RSDC.

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