The handicrafts and carpet sector in the country is a decentralized sector of the Indian economy. About 10 million artisans are engaged with the sector spread over all regions of the country.
Skill development in the Handicrafts and carpet Sector is not very well developed and is in the nascent stage with few programmes or support services are available on National or Cluster basis.   The training provided by the individual enterprises is not necessarily recognized and is not in sync with the demands of doing business in today’s competitive environment.  Given the un-organized and the rural nature of the sector, it is important that the skill is upgraded in a structured manner keeping in view the demand of handicrafts products in the International markets and also creating linkages with the manufacturers and exporters thereby providing employment opportunities.  
Skill Development has always been one of the top priorities and EPCH has been entrusted to form the Handicrafts and Carpet Sector Skill Council (HCSSC) to bridge the skill gap that is seriously affecting the handicrafts and carpet sector. The HCSSC has been formed aiming to provide skilling to over 20 lakh individuls in next 10 years.
The purpose of creating Sector Skill Council is to aggregate the efforts of the Handicrafts Sector for work force development by inviting participation, feedback, inputs from all the key stakeholders.  It also aims to set work force benchmark and improve overall production both in quality and in quantity in the Handicrafts and carpet sector.  

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