About Us

World Institute of Skill and Entrepreneurship (WISE) was established in 2013 which is an initiative of the Social Activities in Indian Framework (NSDC TP). WISE is now establishing hundreds of training institutes offering training in multiple trades across India. These Institutes are established at Industrial Clusters (Skilled Labour Demand Areas and Labour Supply Areas). The trades in which training is offered is categorized into specialized industry trades that would be specific to the industry cluster where the WISE is based, General Engineering, Manufacturing and Service trades. Our touch points in 100+ districts of India and an aggregate impact of working with lacs of people (of which one-fourth come from economically backward and disadvantaged groups) makes us one of the leading entity delivering social programmes in Public Private Partnership mode

WISE Mission

Connecting with the youth, industry and nation to Skill and Build a better India  

WISE Vision

One day everyone has a decent place to live, skilled and quality education by:

Providing opportunities for education, skill development, entrepreneurship, healthcare and promote methods of sustainable farming leading to substantial social, economic empowerment and significant improvement in the quality of life leading to inclusive growth


Government funded

WISE work is especially significant as increasing literacy levels, the inability of agriculture to meet the changing aspirations of young people, a desire to improve the quality of life and the lure of cities are contributing to a large number of young people seeking to migrate away from their villages in search of work. Elsewhere, there is a huge deficit in terms of the availability and quality of people with relevant skills – largely a function of a failed educational system. Amongst those seeking to find jobs are large numbers of young people from low-income families and disadvantaged backgrounds. Engaging with the public sector – State and Central Governments – provides us with the opportunity to find large scale solutions to the above mentioned trends and more importantly provide us with the financial incentive to focus on those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Corporate funded

Leveraging our experience, World Institute of Skill and Entrepreneurship’s comprehensive learning and development portfolio for the Corporate is aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings to achieve and sustain competitive edge. We believe all trainings, whether domain or soft-skills, should be targeted to help achieve business outcomes

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Shared value programs focused on an interactive, industry relevant learning approach and employability needs of our communities. WISE focus on employability matched with aspirations of a cross-section of youth and women to deliver multi-disciplinary courses through our approach to:

  • Understand Learner aspirations in your chosen communities through research and surveys
  • Define a customized approach to cater to wage enhancement needs of the youth and women in the community (including self-employment, micro-enterprise development and employability programs)
  • Build an ongoing engagement plan for your employees to participate in community development
  • Develop a formal governance mechanism for direction and monitoring of program

Learner funded

We at World Institute of Skill and Entrepreneurship (WISE) believe skill development works best when the ultimate beneficiary has a monetary stake in the success of the programme. The success of such programmes also is a strong proof of their relevance to the learner

WISE learner-funded programmes are designed after taking into consideration:

  • The needs of the learners,
  • The existing service providers and their service offerings and
  • The requirements that employers have

We use our extensive understanding of different types of learners whether they may be learners looking for white-collar jobs or those who are looking for entry-level jobs in the service sector to design programmes. This ensures that we are targeting a segment where there is willingness and ability to pay.

We also conduct extensive market surveys and competition mapping to understand the existing gaps in the market that can be filled by us. These gaps could be in product design, geographical spread of existing product, a new method of delivery or simply a new customer segment

All our learner-paid programmes are linked in various ways to the job market and these ranges from the employability-oriented programmes to the guaranteed placement programmes. Our deep relationship with employers helps us understand what employers are really looking for and thus ensure the success of these programmes, especially from the perspective of the learner.

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